Benno is available for clinics and workshops worldwide.

His recent tours have led him to lead or co-lead clinics in Los Angeles, New York City, Zhuhai (China), London, Malaysia, Mannheim (Germany), Macedonia, and clinics have been held alongside musicians like
Mike Stern, Janek Gwizdala, Vladimir Cetkar, Claudio Zanghieri, to name a few.

2016 had Benno touring in Hongkong, China, Malaysia, Cambodia and India with a band, as well as a clinician.

For more about Benno, please see his website.
For a peek into his lesson website, click here.

Possible topics include:

The instrumentalist:
– Setting up the instrument for best results
– Constructing grooves
– Listening to detail
– Song transcription
– Practice routine
– Sight-reading
– What is a good solo, and how do I play one?
– Exploring styles: Electro, House, Drum&Bass, Rock, Pop, Funk, Soul, Blues, Latin, Jazz

The rhythm section:
– How to build a foundation
– How to interact
– How to develop ideas for the song
– How to play off of each other
– How to fine tune a groove
– A musicians life on the road
– A musicians life on call

The other side of the glass:
– Which microphones to use where
– How many mics are enough
– How to work with a click track
– How to interact with a producer


All inquiries shall be directed to Robin Sattler, COO of VideoDrumLessons.TV


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