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    Tutorial on groove by Steely Dan with Keith Carlock (606)

    Steely Dan is probably my favourite pop/jazz band to date, and Keith Carlock one of my favourite musicians. So it is about high time I got into one of my favourite grooves here, including all of the above. I give you: Godwhacker, from the “Everything …

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    The Funky Drummer Tutorial (605)

    Here is one of the most re-used (as in “sampled”) grooves of all time. Recorded by James Brown in 1969, it features Clyde Stubblefield on the drums, one of the funk legends! It incorporates fast 16th notes, lots of tricky ghost notes, and snazzy hi-hat …

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    16th note triplet invert paradiddle kick and snare (205)

    And here is the second part of 204 – enjoy. If you have not seen the one before yet, or do not know what invert paradiddle means, go search 199 and/or 204 in the search box at the bottom of this site.  

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    recording practise (604)

    I decided to film a take out of a recording session I did for a producer. I learned something from that for sure, I think you might as well. Watch me sweat…  

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    messin with the kid tutorial (602)

    “The Blues Brothers” used to be a fun R&B revue, even before the first of their movies came out. Steve Jordan (John Mayer, Keith Richards, Brecker Brothers, …) on the drums is ripping it up. Straight 16th notes based, the ghost notes will have you …

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    fool in the rain tutorial (601)

    Led Zeppelin is about as musical a band as it gets. No matter if you are into their style or not, lots of fun can be had digging in here. “Fool in the rain” sports a very intricate “half time shuffle” feel, created originally by …

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    maniac tutorial (600)

    This is actually a double post – 20 minutes of in-depth discussion of Michael Sembello’s lovely song “Maniac”, which was hugely featured in a movie called “Flashdance” from 1983. One of the first full-on electro grooves, intricately programmed and to me, a masterpiece of the …

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    16th lick concept hands and kick 02 (201)

    This is the sequel to number 01, the introduction to that concept for fills or solos, in based on 16th notes. It also goes a little bit further into how, or how not to, apply it in musical situations. If you have not checked out …

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    16th invert paradiddle kick and snare 02 (203)

    Welcome to the second part of this series of sweet ideas for musical fills and solos. Click HERE to go to the previous one.  

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    16th lick concept hands and kick 01 (200)

    This video is about a great concept for fills and solos in 16th notes. It is vastly malleable and adjustable to many playing situations. and it also can be a great sounding life saver when ever in doubt.  

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